Horizon Yoga

The Path To Peace - Yoga For Stress And Anxiety
with Renata Popis

July 10 (Saturday)
at 2:00 pm

Class length
150 minutes


The Path To Peace - Yoga For Stress And Anxiety
The Path To Peace is a 2h workshop during which you will explore powerful yoga-inspired tools to decrease your stress and anxiety levels.
You will be taken on a journey to dive deeper into your body and your breath and rediscover the most nourishing sensation of peace and tranquillity.
Expect a science-based lecture, a restorative yoga session with aromatherapy and a guided meditation and breathing practices that will calm and regulate your nervous system. We will move, connect, and breathe together to re-balance, rejuvenate and allow our body and mind to come back to their optimal equilibrium. You will also receive valuable tips on managing your stress levels more effectively in your everyday life.
All levels are welcome, including total beginners. No previous yoga experience is necessary.
Yoga mats and all other props will be provided.
Who is this workshop for?
This workshop is an excellent solution for anyone who struggles with high stress and anxiety levels, feels tired, drained and with low energy levels. Anxiety is the most prevalent mental health issue in Australia and many other countries, and in today's environment, this situation is even more critical. 
Luckily, we have many holistic tools, including yoga, to regulate our stress response and calm our nervous system. There have been many studies conducted on the benefits of introducing this ancient healing modality into our lifestyle. During this meeting, you will have an opportunity to experience its beneficial effects on yourself.
What can you expect during the workshop?
- A science-based lecture explaining how stress and anxiety affect our physiological, mental and emotional states.
- An overview of the most effective ways to manage stress levels more effectively.
- A restorative and gentle yoga session, suitable for total beginners.
- Stress-release breathing practices that will regulate your nervous system.
- Mindfulness, guided meditation and other relaxation techniques that will help quiet your mind, develop greater self-awareness and cultivate a more loving approach to life.
- A safe container for you to deeply rejuvenate, connect with others and restore.
- Additional resources and materials to take home to continue your journey to greater wellbeing.
- Healthy and plant-based snacks and calming tea on the day.
Who is the facilitator?
Renata Popis is an international yoga and meditation teacher deeply passionate about a holistic approach to life and the mental health area. She practised yoga for almost 20 years and found this healing modality an excellent solution to deal with her stress and anxiety. 
After completing 350h Yoga TTC in India and studies in Practical Social Psychology, she started to travel around the world and shared her passion.
In Australia, she had an amazing opportunity to cooperate with the Mental Health Commission, Red Cross and other non for profit organizations offering yoga for refugees with trauma.
Renata believes that if we turn inwards, build a stronger mind and body connection, and drop into the heart space, we can rediscover the most nourishing sensation of peace. 


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